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5 ways to create more space in your home

By ewal | 29th April 2019

It is common as families grow and possessions start to pile up that your home may begin to feel small. In this article, we look at ways that you can create more living space and take back control of your home.   Convert your garage One of the best ways to create more space is to…

5 garage conversion ideas for 2019

By ewal | 5th April 2019

If you had an extra room in your house, what would you turn it into? In 2019 you can gain that dream room and extra living space by converting your garage. As children get older a home that once seemed big enough can start to feel a little cramped. Everyone wants their own space and…

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Add Value To Your Property With A Garage Conversion

By ewal | 2nd January 2018

A study by the RAC carried out in 2014 found that 62 % of motorists no longer use their garage to park there car. Whats more 9 % of those who do not keep their car in the garage said it had been converted into extra living space, Which the RAC estimates equates to 678000 garages…

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